For using project  Kardi.Ru You need a computer with Internet access.


Device Cardiovisor creates examination. For joining to project Kardi.Ru you should buy Cardiovisor.

If you are not confident that Kardi.Ru solution is will be a good decision for you, you can rent Cardiovisor device for a month and test it.


The cost of one examination is 2 dollars, if you work wihout doctor support.

One examination is equivalent 1-5 ecg registration from one person in an hour.

The cost of one examination with cardiologist support is 7 dollars.

The cost of one examination with doctor support can be changed. The cost depends on qualification and experience of doctor, who will be monitor your examinations.


Money for examinations draw from your virtual account in project Kardi.Ru.

You can add your virtual account by credit card VISA and Mastercard or by bank transfer. And there are many other ways to add your account.

I want to know information about my heart state, buy now

I care my parents heart, buy now

To start examination in project Kardi.Ru you should by device Cardiovisor. Typical sale Cardiovisor contract you can see here.

To create ecg registration and receive automatic Cardiovisor conclusion you should accept conditions of oferta-contract. This contract defines the ability of accessing to Kardi.Ru software. You can see contract here.

How can I make my heart examination using Cardiovisor in project Kardi.Ru? See detailed  instruction on Russian.

Instruction describing service «Cardiovisor» here

Last version of Cardiovisor software here

Last version of Cardiovisor drivers here


Cardiovisor guarantee is two years following the moment of acquisition.

We offer well checked solution and proud of it's quality!