Brief description of work plan

We give you ready turnkey business at partnership according to the plan. You can start in your region (or country) under your name (the name of your company) for their clients a project very approached to the project Kardi.Ru. We give you the software, the medical equipment, and contracts, it allows you to start working and give remote ECG monitoring of your customers-patients. You can involve in the work your doctors, or use services of our doctors. You can give devices to rent or sell devices. There is a variant of working with clients-patients when their own without the doctor supervise a state of the heart, using the CardioVisor inference, and address to the doctor only if needed. We provide technical and consulting support at start of the decision and during all operating time of your project. We give you devices and the medical equipment necessary for operation. You do not have to worry about the technical part, the only thing, than you should be engaged is marketing and promotion of your services.

What you will serve

You can serve to the clients if will use the plan «Licensee»:

  1. You will be able to provide access for clients to the software "CardioVisor", it will allow them to supervise independently a state of the heart at home or in the office and address to the doctor only if needed.
  2. You can organize remote ECG monitoring of your patients. Your patient make ECG monitoring independently from the house. Your doctor conducts the remote monitoring and consultation of your patients via the Internet makes the ECG description and controls the treatment.
  3. Your doctors will consult their patients remotely.

We will make for you

  1. A virtual server (or virtual servers in the event of a proposed large load) which include all the software that allows you to start work.
  2. We improve the necessary software under your tasks to fulfill your demands and wishes. We even will make your exclusive design of all software with which the client works.
  3. We can translate into your language, if your language is not supported by us. It is supporting by the Russian and English now.
  4. We will provide all contracts for work with clients. You do not need a lawyer to start work.
  5. We will give you all medical equipment and we will give it in that proportion which is necessary for you during all work. We will organise a service of all supplied equipment.
  6. We will organise a hot line for consultation of your clients.
  7. We will integrate your system with external payment systems. It will allow you to receive electronic payments of customers.

All these operations will be performed as soon as possible. We are more than 15 years on the innovative medical services market that allows us to guarantee high quality of all work which we perform.

You earn

  1. On sale of devices for remote monitoring.
  2. On each examination of your patient.
  3. On each consultation of your doctor.
  4. On sale of your production, dietary supplements and drugs if you are engaged these.

Your income is growing constantly with each new client. If the client starts to work with our projects he remains forever already it is experience shows. And you, as the owner of business will earn on each monthly payment.

All tariffs and methods of services tariffication, you define yourself.

Your payments for start

Decision cost is contractual.

References and responses

No one has worked by this plan of partnership still. But three companies from China, England and Kazakhstan are negotiating with us about the given plan of cooperation. The company, which the first will conclude the contract by this plan will receive a substantial discount at start of the decision and the exclusive dealer rights in the region (at performance of certain sales volume).