Brief description of the device

Ecg4me is portable, simple and reliable device that allows you to monitor your heart. The device is intended for realization of the Kardi.Ru project services through a mobile network .


The device registers the resting ECG for 30 seconds. For examination the user of the device should be put on electrodes on the arms and legs. After the ECG recording, the data is transmitted to the server project for generating automatic medical report. The registration procedure of examination is carried out without using a computer, and can be performed in any location where there is a connection with your mobile operator.

The device user receives by SMS message with a brief conclusion of the main indicators through one - two minutes after the examination.

Full report and dynamics of examinations available on the website in the personal cabinet of user, the owner of the device. Personal cabinet of user is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

There are additional services - medical supervision. Any study can be sent to the doctor control and get a second report of the doctor.

Ecg4me is not the interpreter of ECG. The report is formed on an analysis microoscillations of the ECG signal. Technology base on the method of dispersion mapping.

Ecg4me device extends the boundaries autonomy of services in Kardi.Ru project, because it uses advanced network infrastructure of mobile communication and does not require the user to have computer skills.

It does not require special medical knowledge for using Ecg4me device.

Reports of your examinations and the dynamics can be seen:

In the personal account on the site See a demo account

Download the Android app from a mobile phone 


Connecting to a computer The device operates autonomously without a computer
Sending examination in server Through the mobile operator Internet channel 
Inserted SIM card mobile phone operator Yes
The number of electrodes 4 electrodes, put on hands and feet, take off clothes is not necessary
The number of ECG leads 6 standard leads (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF)
Duration of examination 30 seconds
Product Warranty Ecg4me 12 months

Who needs?

For healthy people, to improve the quality of life and prevent a heart attack and other unexpected problems with the heart.
For remote monitoring the state of parents hearts who do not live with you.
For athletes to avoid overtraining and sudden cardiac death.
To control the medical treatment of the cardiovascular system, when receiving the drugs.
To have survived heart attacks, to prevent re-infarction.
After heart surgery, to control post-operative recovery.
In all cases when it is necessary that the doctor to monitor your heart state.

Registration documents and instructions

User's Manual View the document
Analysis Guide

View the document 

Registration certificate of public health ministry View the document
Declaration of Conformity View the document


Ecg4me device is 800$.
No subscription fee for the examination.