Doctor can advise you to use medical device KardiRu for regular monitoring of your heart. You can also make the decision to use the device by yourself.


KardiRu records resting electrocardiogram (ECG) within 30 seconds from four electrodes on hands and legs. Some versions of the device require connection to additional six chest electrodes to record the standard 12-lead ECG. KardiRu without a computer or phone transmits ECG to the server from any location where there is a connection to your mobile operator or to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Application of KardiRu is as simple as arterial blood pressure measurement. See video.

The assessment is automatically formed by the server on the basis of your ECG micro alternations analysis. Short assessment can be sent to your mobile phone in the form of SMS (optional). High analysis sensitivity enables to identify changes at the early stages of diseases.

KardiRu is not intended to diagnose the type of pathology (disease), it was designed for early identification of electrophysiological changes causing deviation from the standard or progressing pathology. All ECG as well as assessments are stored on the server www.kardi.ru in your personal account. The access to personal account is password protected and has an encryption protocol for data transmission.

Using your account you can analyze the examination results, compare them, comment on the examinations, review and print ECG. You can access your account using the Internet browser or mobile application installed on your Android or Apple-iOS smartphone.

We offer you to get aware of DEMO-ACCOUNT, where you can find a set of real examinations. If necessary, you can send your examination to a doctor and receive professional medical recommendations. Depending on the doctor’s qualification and opportunities, additional fee can be required. The current list of medical consultants is HERE.


«Hardware and Firmware System for Heart Screening «KardiRu» TU 9442-038–17635079-2012» was tested and approved as ready-for-service.

Manufacturer: ООО "LLC Medical Computer Systems"
АдресAddress: building 4-2, passage 4922, Zelenograd, Moscow, 124460 Russia
Telephone: +7 (495) 913-31-94
Fax: +7 (495) 913-31-95
Email: mks@mks.ru
Manufacturer’s website: www.mks.ru
Classification: Class 2b, non-invasive, active device
Type of Medical Device: 024947 Device for screening express assessment of heart condition under ECG signals 215 04 02 13
Conformance to Requirements: TU 9442-038–17635079-2012, GOST R 50444-92, GOST R 50267.0-92, GOST R 50267.0.2-2005, GOST R 50267.0.4-99, GOST R 50267.25-94, GOST R MEK 60601-2-51-2008
Marketing Authorization: No.RZN 2013/778 dated June 28, 2013

You are not obliged to register any personal data in your account on www.kardi.ru, such as your surname, name or patronymic. You can use a made-up name. If you report your personal data, you acknowledge that you are familiar with the local rules in the field of personal data protection. rdquo;.


Control over ECG micro alternations (first of all, micro alternations of T-wave) is a relatively new non-invasive way of control over electrical instability of myocardium occurred more than 20 years ago and referred to as «method MTWA» (Antonis A. Armoundas, Gordon F. Tomaselli and Hans D. Esperer Pathophysiological basis and clinical application of T-wave alternans // Journal of the American College of Cardioogy.- 2002; 40; p. 207-217.).

Similar devices conceptually differ from standard ECG analyzers and interpreting electrocardiographs as they measure and analyze not ECG wave morphological characteristics (contour analysis), but microscopic «tremor» of ECG signals. Micro alternations are measured as low-amplitude fluctuations of ECG signal in consequent heartbeats.

Micro alternation fluctuations can be twice smaller than fluctuations of standard ECG waves. Thus, during analysis of T-waves, average amplitudes of micro alternations make 2…15 mkV, while original amplitudes of T-waves make 200…700 mkV. In micro alterations information about amplitude peculiarities of original ECG waves is completely lost, i.e. alterations are represented by a random process which has no original morphological characteristics of ECG waves in the analyzed derivation.

ECG micro alternation measuring instruments are devices that represent new instrument information about the most inconspicuous changes in electrical activity of myocardium that cannot be identified by other means. Even in case of physiologically regular myocardium, average amplitudes of micro alternations are highly sensitive indicators of combined impact of multiple physiological body systems participating in heart regulation.

For example, KardiRu reacts to subthreshold metabolic alterations disturbing synchrony of electric excitation of ventricle myocardium, microscopic alterations of ion balance in myocytes, small shifts in sympathetic-adrenal activation and other metabolic alterations that due to small quantity do not manifest themselves in ECG morphology or echocardiogram (UCG) signals. Similarly, KardiRu reacts to hidden dynamics of left ventricle compensatory reaction that enables to observe the heart overload state objectively and timely.

Biophysical background of disperse mapping method and the device operation concept are published as a separate section of the book “New Electrocardiography Methods”, edited by Grachev S.V., Ivanov G.G., Syrkin A.L. // Moscow,Technosphera, 2007.