Brief description of work plan

Using our decision, you can organise remote service of monitoring by your doctors for your patients which suffer the cardiovascular diseases which have tolerated an infarct or a heart surgery at partnership according to the planWith our help you can provide status monitoring heart of the patients after their discharge from hospital. Patients (even if they are in another city) will register at  ECG  themselves and at any time, and your doctors by  will supervise a heart status of such patients under this data via the internet. Doctors communicate with patients, produce references, assign additional researches if it is necessary.

Who should be interested

This scheme may be interesting to clinics.

How to use CardioVisor in a clinic?
If you need to monitor cardiac patients who suffered heart attacks or heart surgery or if you have a "troubled" patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and want to be under constant supervision of your doctor, you may contact us. We connect to the system Kardi.Ru of your patients, and make a doctor's cabinet on the site. Your patients will be required to purchase CardioVisor for operation with system. Patients will be examined at home or the office yourself, and your doctors will see the examination data, a complete conclusion of CardioVisor instantly, and also can make the ECG description in case of need for these examination. Patient's ECG will be available to the doctor in the form of 6 standard or 12 standard leads.

The cost of starting work

For operation start your patients should buy a CardioVisor. There are no expenses for clinic. Any additional payments there are not required.

Doctor’s cabinet and the interaction interface of the doctor with the patient is given free of charge.

Payback service

The clinic earns on sale of CardioVisors to the patients and on each remote consultation of the doctor in this situation. The Clinic management determines the cost of consulting a doctor yourself. There are no startup costs for clinic. This is a free opportunity to introduce new services for your patients and increase the loyalty of patients to your clinic. It is an opportunity to attract patients from other cities into your clinic.

References and responses

Some large some large clinics have started to work with us already. Interest to the given project is shown by foreign clinics also. Contact us and we will give you recommendations of those who are working with us already, so you can communicate and exchange experiences.