Dear clients of our project Kardi.Ru!

You can look after the state of your heart by yourself at home or in office without doctor. After examination of your heart you receive automatic and transparent conclusion. And you can visit your doctor only if you detect negative dynamic of your heart state.

If you have a variety ptoblem such as cardiovascular desease, high blood, old myocardial infarction or your heart was operated on it would be better to monitor your heart with doctor control. You also can make your examinations at home or in office by yourself. And doctor can monitor your examinations remotely via the Internet. Remote doctor controls each your examinations and gives you recommendations.

Doctors, working with project Kardi.Ru:

Ardashev Andrey Vyacheslavovich


Ardashev Andrey Vyacheslavovich Doctor of Medicine (M. D.), professor, specializing in arrythmia. Ardahev graduated from St. Peterburg medical university of Pavlov in 1993.

1993 – 1995  – Ardashev trained in clinical residency of St. Peterburg medical university of Pavlov by speciality general therapeutics and cardiology (head of a chair academician RAMN Almasov).

1995 – 1998  – Ardashev was a postgraduate student training in cardiology in St. Peterburg medical university of Pavlov.

In 1996 - Ardashev finished dissertate in cardiology (scientific adviser professor Shlyahto).

1997 – 1998 гг – Ardashev as visiting fellow trained in clinical electrophysiology in University of Pennsylvania (USA) (director of electrophysiology laboratory doctor Dusan Z Kocovic).


1998 – 1999 – senior staff scientist of cardiovascular disease institute of Pavlov, doctor specializing in arrythmia.

march 1999 – 2003  – the head of clinical electrophysiology laboratory of Central Military Clinical Hospital of academician Burdenko.

2002  – finished post doc dissertation in cardiology.

1993 – 1999  – assistant of cathedra in department therapeutics clinic academician St. Peterburg medical university of Pavlov.

1999 – 2002 – associate professor of cardiologic cathedra of public institution of doctor advance training (Moscow).

2002 – 2008  – professor of therapeutics cathedra of public institution of doctor advance training (Moscow).

2005  – professor certification.

2003 – 2008 – Ardahev was the head of  cardiologic center of Central Military Clinical Hospital of academician Burdenko (Moscow).

2006 – 2008  – head doctor  specializing in arrythmia in Russia

Since 2009 and nowadays - Ardashev is the head of diagnostic cardiology department in Moscow Clinical Hospital № 83 FMBA.

Since 2010  and nowadays – professor-consultant Federal Government Combined Hospital with clinic of President Administration.

Since january 2011 and nowadays – the head of cardiology cathedra of  FMBA Institute of Doctor Advance Training.

Grant-holder of RAN (1997 – 2000)

Grant-holder of  President of Russia (1997)

Member of editorial board of journals  "Cardiologia", "Vestnik Aritmologii", "Diagnosticheskay intervensionnay radiologia" и "Clinicheskay praktika".

Ardashev is an author of more then 500 scientific publications, 6 monographs, co-author of 2 clinic recomendation collections and cardiology guidance.

Konev Alexey Vasilevich

КоневKonev graduated from Military-medical Academy, department of doctor training.

1994 - 1997 Konev - is the head of medical center of artillery regiment of 7th airborne division in Anapa.

1995 - 1995 - Konev took part in battle action in Chechen Republic. Konev awarded by medal "Za otvagu".

1997 - 2000 - Konev was residency trained in Cardiology in Military-medical Academy.

In may 2000 Konev finished dissertate in cardiology.

2000-2001 - Konev was resident doctor of cardio-resuscitation in Central Military Clinical Hospital of academician Burdenko.

2001-2005 - Konev was head resident doctor of cardio-resuscitation in Central Military Clinical Hospital of academician Burdenko.

Since 2005 Konev is head of radiography department in Central Military Clinical Hospital of academician Burdenko.

Konev is author more than 115 scientific studies and publications.

Sokolov Mikhail Sergeevich

1979 - Sokolov graduated from Moscow Medicine Institute of Sechenov.

2010 - Sokolov was doing proffesional doctor extension studies in Russian Medicine Academy Roszdrava.

Sokolov is a doctor in private clinic in Moscow.

Halabi Ghazi

Graduated from People's Friendship University - Moscow, Russia.

General Medicine Degree (graduated in 1987)

Cardiology (graduated in 1990)

PhD in Patho-physiology (graduated in 1993)

Ghazi is cardiologist in private clinic in  Lebanon.

Ghazi is member of European Society of Cardiology.

Ghazi use Cardiovisor with project Kardi.Ru in Lebanon to monitor the heart state of his patients.





Ilinova Elvira Ivanovna

Ilinova graduated from Moscow Governance Medical University,

After that she graduated from clinical internship majoring in "therapeutics" on department «Cardiology FPDO».

Ilinova graduated from clinical residency majoring in "functional diagnostic" on department «Clinical functional diagnostic».

She works in private clinic  "Astery-Med" in Moscow.






Askerov  Bahram  Usif  Ogli

In 1980  Bahram graduated from  Azerbaijan National  University  in Baku.

After that Bahram worked in ambulance in Baku.

1984-1990  expert in resuscitation.

Engaged in Postgraduate Medical Institute.

1988 – Diagnostic  and  therapeutics at the clinic of  internal medicine.

1998 – Functional diagniostic in cardiology.

2003Fundamentals of intensive care and emergency status in cardiology.

He currently works in private practice and with the project in Baku in Azerbaijan.