Brief description of work plan

You sell Cardiovisors for the project Kardi.Ru and earn on each sale of the decision only at partnership according to the plan.

Who should be interested

This plan may be interesting to pharmacies, to the companies trading in the medical equipment to expand their range of goods, to add in the range of goods innovative decisions and to attract new clients. We hold stocks with free examinations in your store at our own expense from time to time, if we contract with a principal partner. It will provide inflow of new customers to your points of sale is guaranteed.

The cost of starting work

To get started, no initial payment is required. You offer customers our solution Kardi.Ru and make us a request to device. We can consider providing CardioVisor on the implementation and deferred payment for providing devices in individual cases.

References and responses

We work with distributors from different regions of Russia. But our distributors are not in all regions yet. Contact us and we will provide you with information about dealers in your region, and we will give you recommendations of those who are working with us already, so you can communicate and exchange experiences.