Brief description of work scheme

You can lead heart screening of the patients in your cabinet diagnosis or in already existing cabinet diagnosis at partnership according to the sсheme. You can make examinations «Monitoring of heart by Cardiovisor» and "ECG" in your cabinet diagnosis using our equipment. Clients should come to your cabinet diagnosis for examination personally.

If you do not have cardiologist in cabinet diagnosis and there is a necessity of its interference we can connect doctors from various clinics. And the doctors will give inference on survey, remotely via Internet.

Спортивные команды

The CardioVisor includes 4 electrodes in a standard packaging which register 6 six-lead: 1,2,3,aVR,aVL,aVF.

There is CardioVisor modification, which includes chest electrodes and record all 12 leads: 1,2,3,aVR,aVL,aVF,V1,V2,V3,V4,V5,V6. You can use Cardiovisor and as cardiograph and give their patients not only CardioVisor conclusion, but also "Description of the ECG" in this case.

Who should be interested

The given scheme can be interesting to pharmacies, diagnostic centers, fitness centers, doctors of sport teams, sanatoriums, rest houses.

How to use CardioVisor in a pharmacy?
If you sell drugs or dietary supplements for treatment or preventive maintenance of cardiovascular system you can visually show efficacy of the medical preparations, if you carry out examination of the patient before and after drug administration.

How to use CardioVisor at diagnostic center and functional diagnostic room?
CardioVisor allows you to carry out rapid screening examination of the patient without removing clothes. Whether allows you to define it is necessary send the patient on additional survey to the cardiologist or not.
Those who provide medical services can demonstrate to the patient improving of indexes and attract on repeated visitation to your clinic or medical center in the event that carry investigation of the patient by a Cardiovisor in the beginning and the treatment extremity.

As fitness centers and doctors of sport teams can use a Cardiovisor?
Sportsmen and fitness clubs visitors are often subject to overload, it can be very dangerous to health.
The sports doctor or the trainer can use a CardioVisor as the effective monitor which gives the information about changes in sportsman heart for the decision of following primary goals:

  1. early warning of suboptimal loads that do not match individual abilities of the organism and can lead to a state of "overtraining" or harm to health;
  2. early detection of the myocardium latent features at the early stages of the athletic training program and exact adaptation of the program of activities or trainings for these features;
  3. accurately track changes in the condition of the heart that accompany the program of nutritional supplements, medicinal agents or other biologically active substances.

The cost of starting work

For start of work you need to buy CardioVisor only. Any additional payments it is not required.
We launch for you CardioVisor in "Cabinet diagnosis" operating mode free of charge. You will receive a full and detailed conclusion about heart state of your patients immediately after the examination.

Payback service

The cost of one examination to the patient is usually within 200-500 rubles and includes consultation with a doctor.

The doctor examines 20-50 persons on one device per day.
The minimum income of service in day: 20 persons *200 rubles = 4000 rubles
Максимальный доход от услуги в день: 50 persons *500 rubles = 25000 rubles.

References and responses

Several hundred diagnostic rooms work with us already. Contact us and we will give you recommendations of those who are working with us already, so you can communicate and exchange experiences.

CardioVisor participates in the federal program "Health". This is more than 600 diagnostic centers for adults and children across the country.