All questions about purchasing Cardiovisor and about using project Kardi.Ru you can ask by hotline phone  +7 (495) 366-65-28. Hotline operates from 9:00 to 19 00 Moscow time.

We also with greate pleasure answer on your questions

by e-mail:
by Skype: hexen_av
and ICQ: 102-484-045

All sales for project Kardi.Ru and cooperation with dealers, subagents,  are made through Sales House of Project company  Ronix Systems.

Company Site:

Contact Phone: +7 (495) 366-65-28

Address: Borisa Zhigulyonkova str., 27, 105275, Moscow, Russia

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Company Medical Computer Systems is a developer of the project Kardi.Ru and manufacture of Cardiovisor Device. Since 1993 company specialized in the production of high-tech medical products for cardiology. The company's solutions are widely used in Russia and abroad.

Company Site:

Contact Phone: +7 (495) 913-31-94

Address: passage 4922, 4-2, Zelenograd, Moscow, 124460, Russia