Brief description of the device

Device Cardiovisor-Internet - is a simple and reliable device that allows you to monitor the state of the heart in any group of people. It may be residents in the house, the staff in the office, the athletes in the fitness club or the patients in the office diagnostics. The device is intended for project Kardi.Ru implementation services.

After the examination you get automatic conclusion on the results of your examination immediately. There are additional services - medical supervision. Any study can be sent to the doctor control and get a second report of the doctor.


The device connects to your computer via USB port. The computer must be connected to the Internet. Control of the device is performed from a personal computer. The device registers the resting ECG for 30 seconds. For examination the user of the device should be put on electrodes on the arms and legs. After ECG recording the user receives an automatic medical report on the results of the examination immediately.

Full report and dynamics of examinations available on the website in the personal cabinet of user, the owner of the device. Personal cabinet of user is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Cardiovisor-Internet is not the interpreter of ECG. The report is formed on an analysis microoscillations of the ECG signal. Technology base on the method of dispersion mapping.

It does not require special medical knowledge for using Cardiovisor-Internet device.


Connecting to a computer The device connects to the computer via USB
Sending examination in server Through the Internet channel of your computer.
Inserted SIM card mobile phone operator No
The number of electrodes 4 electrodes, put on hands and feet, take off clothes is not necessary
The number of ECG leads 6 standard leads (I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF)
Duration of examination 30 seconds
Product Warranty Ecg4me 12 months

Who needs?

In any office, to monitor the hearst states of employees.
At the fitness club to monitor the hearts states of club visitors
The sports team to avoid overtraining and sudden heart problems in athletes.
In the office of a doctor for a screening diagnostic monitoring the state of patient's heart.
In sanatoria to monitor the state the hearts of the resort visitors.
For the doctors if they need to carry out remote monitoring of multiple rooms diagnosis.

Registration documents and instructions

User's Manual View the document
Registration certificate of public health ministry

View the document 

Declaration of Conformity View the document


Cardiovisor-Internet device is 3 000 $
One examination worth 65 rubles. One examination includes 1-5 studies per patient for an hour. This allows you to do several consecutive studies and paid once.