Project Kardi.Ru is a simple and intuitive tool that will allow you to monitor your heart using a device Ecg4me. It does not require special medical knowledge for the use of project. You can use the device Ecg4me to remotely monitor the state of the heart of your relatives, parents, who are in another city, and promptly send them to the doctor.

Ecg4me registers the resting ECG in the sitting position or lying down for 30 seconds with a 4-electrode-clothespins, which are superimposed on the hands and feet, without removing clothing. After loading ECG is automatically generated report on the state of your heart at once.

With the project Ecg4me, you can monitor the state of your heart by yourself, and if necessary, when the device will give a signal, contact with your cardiologist or work under the supervision of our doctors.

It can be used as a device Ecg4me, and device-Cardiovisor Internet in our project.

Device Ecg4me

Device Cardiovisor-Internet

Ecg4me device is approved for use in the Russian Federation. Certificates, patents, and many other documents can be viewed here.

Cardiovisor and its modifications are approved for use in the Russian Federation. Certificates, patents, and many other documents can be viewed here.

Devices which use in our project it is not simple the ECG computer interpreters. There are the innovation registrars of microalternations of ECG.Our project is intended for early and reliable identification of the hidden morbid myocardium states and also for objective supervision over state of heart in everyday life. In forming the conclusion analyzes the microscopic fluctuations of the electrocardiogram signal (ECG). The most important feature of our project is that it represents the conclusion in the form of short recommendations, three main quantitative indicators and visual portrait of heart are used. It makes the conclusion understandable even for the person who does not have special knowledge from cardiology area. Here is more detailed about technology of conclusion forming after examination in our project.

The Kardi.Ru project is opportunity for any person who has Internet access via the personal computer or from the mobile phone, to control condition of the heart without assistance, and on this basis to increase quality of life and to reduce risk of unexpected heart troubles.

Sequence of operations with our home devices in the Kardi.Ru project includes three simple steps:

cardiovisor electrode

Step 1. You impose 4-electrode clothespins on arms and legs in accordance with the instructions on the screen, press the "Run examination" and expect 30 seconds until the device registers your ECG signal and transmit the signal to remote server Kardi.Ru.

Step 2. A few seconds after completing the examination you get a simple clear conclusion on your computer, recommendations and "Dispersion heart portrait." Example of conclusion and brief description of the conclusion here.
Step 3. Watch dynamics of changes. In the presence of negative dynamics, or when the alarm system, you should consult your doctor. Follow the recommendations of Cardiovisor. If the system detects significant deviations from the norm, you will be prompted to view the dynamics of the heart for the last time by using on-screen interface and implement the final recommendations of the  project.

Example of recommendations:


At regular weekly examination of your heart in the project Kardi.Ru, you will get a real chance to avoid a heart attack, which is often are suddenness for person, and you will be able to consult a doctor promtly in order to avoid rapid deterioration, if you have established heart disease.


детский кардиовизор

It is possible to control condition of heart not only adults, but also children, using our project. Kardi.Ru project is one of the few solutions in the world, which may be used to monitor the baby's heart, from 6 years. Our devices already use in more than 200 children's centers of Health in Russia.

During the development phase, in 1996-2003, verification of measuring instrument of microalternations, based on the method of dispersion mapping (Ecg4me and Cardiovisor-Internet), was carried out on the bases of verified data of the German Heart Center in Berlin - Das Deutsche Herzzentrum Berlin (DHZB) and AL Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology  RCRPC of the Russian Federation public health ministry. Next were performed  registry clinical trials in AL Myasnikov Research Institute of Clinical Cardiology  RCRPC of the Russian Federation public health ministry and Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute ("MONIKI") . Trials include such verifiable methods such as ECG 12, echocardiographic, tomographic examination, where necessary - X-rays, as well as the "gold standard" for coronary heart disease (CHD) - angiography. Later verification studies were conducted in 35 different organizations using standard clinical equipment including ECG 12, echocardiogram, stress ECG and Holter. These studies can be considered as independent clinical trials with virtually identical sensitivity and specificity (CHD, screening) in the tables of the final results. In these studies took part over 5,500 patients, of which about one thousand of healthy people were in the control groups.Separately, it should be noted that in 5 cases were performed screening verification studies. In these studies involved about 8,000 people, were subjected to clinical verification only cases with identified deviations.

The  Kardi.Ru project is the qualitative and checked decision for control of the heart!

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